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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Varakulise seksuaalõpetuse esiisad - aita tõlkida

Aita Tõlkida. Koma, ega punkt pole oluline.

welcome to the panorama film studio today we're talking about early sexualisation who wants it what is it supposed to do and foremost where does it even come from our studio guests are history professor Michael Fok and Doctor Claudia Hornet panorama film stands for ethically and morally high quality films therefore it was no easy task to reveal all the facts what has happened an intolerable practices surrounding this topic as it is done in this documentary even simply speaking of various happening so says E S. creator and director of this film borders and morality but since we had the impression that all of this will push itself through in a global level if it is not relentlessly revealed in a timely manner panorama film chose this uncensored publication so we hope you don't have fun watching this film buckle up and make your own opinion But whoever shall affend one of these little ones which believe in me it would be better for him that a millstone were hanged upon his neck that he would be drowned in the depth of the sea take heed that you despise not one of these little ones for i say to you heavenly angels always to hold the face of my father which is in heaven but truly i tell you until heaven and earth disappear not the smallest letter not the least stroke of a pen will by any means disappear from the law until everything's accomplished whoever teaches man holds power over them our children stand on ever-expanding power influenced by educational directors teachers and as of late sexual educators from the outside what is their sorce If you seek you will find by the convincing words and deeds of jesus the new era had started due today's teachers even know what they're doing when they against all of this holy warnings sexually educate children from the youngest age sexually stimulate them insured and will go under early sexualisation up coming sex experts more competent then jesus nazareth Where you dear viewer ever even told about the global efforts to sexualized our children at the earliest ages Once again we supposed to break a final debu. Sexual contact with children with underage persons is supposed to be legalized and promoted our hearts almost stopped beating when we read of the newest plans and intentions of the highest acclaimes sex educators Leading educators like Helmut Kentler teach that the current child protection is in reality child hostility he makes the outrageous claim sex with children isn't abuse but its a child's right the right of the child sexual satisfaction True child protection would be the protection of self-determination sexually their obviously camouflaging child abusers education Adults should speak with their children about porn . It is something the Germ Education scientists Carl Edinborg states . She even demands along with his swiss socialist partie Try to listen the integration of pornography in the classroom such demand so says the european anti genocide movement must be fought with the law that is currently in effect ceverly and without compromise Pornography swiss criminal code article one ninety seven 1.Any person who offers shows or passes on or makes assessable to a person who's under the age of sixteen pornographic documents sounder, visual recordings depictions or other articles of a similar nature pornographic representation were broadcast any of the same on radio or television shall be liable to custodial sentence not exceeding three years or to monetary penalty second any person who exhibits public articles or representations as described in paragraph one or above our shows otherwise offers the same unsolicited to others shall be liable to a fine also children should be safeguarded from pornographic products and everyone get safe from taking in images of sexual content against they're will see also article three fifty eight and order on television services from march twenty fifth nineteen ninety-two article eighty a paragraph one child rights movement agb also demands that this principle concept will be applied to cell phone distributors because practically every child has a cell phone in their pocket The following exerts are from the foundational thesis of education and schooling of the competence centre of sexual education and schooling that this swiss university ph said and state the child is a sexual being foundation offers sexual education is the definition of mankind as a sexual being and in need of education or in other words a firming children and youth as sexual beings but even this first fundamentally twisted conclusion opens the door for pedophiles because in other words it means as long as the child likes it, it is all legitimate . Here is an exsample out of the foundational thesis and website of the competence centre age four to five years the ginderkarden level is depicted as follows Doctor Gaims lust for self-realization is itself simulations that means the orgasm like reactions are of interest also roleplaying games including families with two fathers and two mothers aswell kissing sexual intercourse erotic interested in the own parents open displays of nudity and general gains experiences first deep friendships and relationships . This results in the following focal point in the classroom a) naming body parts including genitals , b) experiencing your body in a playful way including sexual stimulation c) friendly relationship setting boundaries respecting your own privacy and that of others d) procreation how the sexual act is done so that the child is graded and this dear viewers four to five-year-olds age six to twelve years activities with same age peers devaluation and or rejection of the opposite sex gender stereotypical behavior possibly exaggerated provocative and or aggressive behavior towards the opposite sex breaking taboos possibly interest an erotic attraction toward the same sex and when are you old enough to fuck. This results in the following curriculum sexuality and language curse words an interview with such external sex educators currently in school showed that's they gave every child no matter what age precise information about for instance when asked fucking , squarting off and much worse of the child has hurd such terms and not understood them procreation pregnancy and birth different forms of friendships relationships and forms of life this is where the final all the newly defined abnormalities to the children as normal and more importantly Everything that was formally normal has declared abnormal and illegal Generals new definitions for extance The working mother the dad at the stove sexual orientation everything goes as long as it's fun yes the first menstruation the first education h_i_v_ aids sexually transmitted diseases sexual molestation violence masturbation primarily boys but also girl's and this has completely normal important even Age twelve to sixteen years social changes this means the development independence and breaking away from the parents households rising interest in the detailed knowledge of sexual practices possibly conscious contact pornography how many positions are there for sex and which are the best does swallowing sperm make you fat this is where we end our listing for moral reasons the curriculum is in any case names directly at all the other cossip of children youth that's lastly absoly every vulgarity is in everyones head . Here is an example from the thesis and website of the competence centre developmental step self stimulation meaning creating orgasm like reactions behavior discovering body regions as a source of new lust feelings conscience repeated manipulation of body parts including genetals playful discovery of generals through role-playing like father mother gains families with two mothers two fathers one parent being in love, sexual intercourse or through doctor games also discovering other bodies satisfying the national curiosity at the same time the socialist party ung socialist which has ties to pedofiels is working on a position paper which calls for them its a new way of handling the topic of pornography and this they state to ten to twelve year olds should already watch porn and sex lessons other this demand and initially elicited indignation among school officials will just have to wait and see how long such indignation can withstand steady pressure from the use of Even in the name of aids information child rights or sexual orientation of schools new curriculum are being prepared europe-wide that makes early sex ed and early sexualization of children mandatory content Professor Vogt how do we get to the point of this internationally widespread sexual education ideology Did you just happen overnight No of course not it was implemented in the united states in nineteen thirty nine by the most persistent work of the sexualist Alfred c kingsley Kenzie was if i remember correctly repeatedly called the most important sexualogist of the twentieth century to you share the same oppinion its not exactly the most important sexualogist for the reasons we will still discuss but surely the most influential factor of the so-called sexual opinion development of society xx most all of the newer sexual education programs are based on the work of kinsey Dr Claudie Haunit you are practicing doctor which of the many of kinsley's teachings would you from your viewpoint want to most discuss With his opinion that anything goes of course this so-called modern thinking is one that kinsey coin for sex and sexuality in practice it has been shown that this is an extremely dangerous idea because it has led to innumerable criminal acts and still does kinseys main work shows that black-on-white It concerns the two volume kinsey report Firstly sexual behavior of the male and secondly sexual behavior of the femail With these works dr sacks as he was called actually influenced the sexual thinking of almost the whole world obviously a man whose words hold power over many nations a man who's teaching is only now beginning to bear fruit Kinsey was the father of sexual free thinking but who exactly was kinsey no question could currently more important than this because kinseys words and teachings have such worldwide effect as those of jesus christ Except that they are completely against the latter So which of the two are most trustworthy We know the words and works of jesus christ which led to a whole new measure of time But what exactly are the words in works of kinsey our studio guests and a few short clips will help us with our search over the course of his life kinsey collected over eighteen thousand five hundred case studies with a preference for underage youths in order to bring this into society Kinseys highest goal was sexual variety yet he called himself a conservative scientist In nineteen ninety-seven the german magazine der spiegel published a piece about the incredible secret life of kinsey kinsey biographie by james jones proves that the sexologist kinsey let his homosexual and masochistic side run rampant It contains reports of kinseys time as a boy scout living on his voyeuristic and exhibitionistic character unrestrained after kinsey left his christian home with debate he collected co workers in order to scientifically study the sexual behavior of people but most predominately that of underage children each one of his workers had to complete the reveal their sexual life and behavior and in the secret room in his house kinsey regularly hosted group sex games with his workers and chosen guests He even forced his own wife to participate Kinsey had a professional camera team film homosexual terra sexual and sadomasochistic scenes in spite of the pressure that made them sick his work is complied out of fear for their careers People working for kinsey where for instance claid martin had no formal training in statistics and and yet he was in charge of this is statistical analysis of all data The whole deal was even financed by the Rockefeller foundation Later on they repeatedly stated that they demanded a professional statistician But kinsey could not be budged insistence Kindsey himself suffered from extreme sadomasochism he supposedly undertook brutal and incredibly painful manipulations on his own genitals over and over again besides his homosexual relationships to is co-workers like Pomeroy and martin he also was a part of the homosexual scene in chicago Kinsey created intense questionnaires for a scientific studies by reading it becomes clear that Kinsey was convinced that every person at some point or other had practiced perversion had an affair or other brutal sadistic experiences also that everyone at some point in their life had sexual experiences with someone of the same sex with the animals or with children there was no room in this questionnaires for the person taking it to circumvent such monstrositys and if they at some point admitted too something of a like Kinsey had him in his crip Even though Kinsey stated that his sex research results were taken from a broad majority he generally limited himself to questioning prostitutes, homosexuals prison inmates and people from the underworld as he called it . Kinsley was therefore approving statistic cheater Although Kinseys sexual research was intended for marital preparation counseling they contained nothing about themes like pregnancy, birth and nursing babies which would have definitely belong there on the bottom line Kinsey was sexually ill and man who manipulativly and aggressively abused his professional authority as a teacher when Kinsey tried in the forties to make is more than three and a fifty questions about sexual behavior public she had a very hard time reaching normal people these right comets it was much easier to get data from people living more and conventionally and this is howard result is and the deceptive picture that ninety five percent of all americans words supposedly section of the relics sixty-nine percent were regular visitors prosecutes thirty-some percent had homosexual experiences and seventeen percent of u_s_ farmers had supposedly had sex with animals it was first in nineteen eighty-one that media expert doctor judith lesson and easy was able to undercover watson his grades methodical faults and teens is work afterthought was interesting is the fact integrated part asking these data dot font extended from pedophiles meaning from criminal child molesters so they didn't interviewed the general population daniel but pedophiles and yet to this day kinsey sport is still the most essential so-called scientific foundation of sexual research more old lied excess unified a sharp pieces of sexual education in school and which this was flat on twenty one builds upon estates under the title primary school that uh... description of the face of childhood in which sexuality is addressed has incorrectly been proven to be wrong apparently means after experimentation but the things that we can this collection of experiments that left on twenty one basis itself on just like almost all of the sex education programs worldwide the most school officials have no idea what they're basing themselves on baseman your company guarantee and it's just a really i think in all honesty that sounds ridiculous that looks like we have two children our own similar guys three the biggest even five yet and i seriously can't think of what keywords to meet that for a we think it's absolutely wrong and not for that that has to be a joke kids i don't think it's a good thing because well irene they only four years old and can even do it that was such a thing it doesn't do anything for them at all as fascinating it issue at that age four pains kick infirm foreign six-year-olds and kindergarten that's a bit early i'd say he said four years old known i don't think that's good smell i don't think that's ok for as many days that's out of question also don't think it's good that young kids are confronted with sexuality i don't think that's okay plainly they want to learn them and playing in and be a k acute they've got other things on their minds animated and dodi and limiting them for that while versus impossible now i don't want that adults educate them about that so really not at all i'm completely against drinking at the incriminating already i think that's horrible texted seriously we discussed simply to really such that doesn't belong to kids and chelsea play tell should play outside inductus you know and i think i'm sitting on the same assistants meanwhile eyecandy picture it that's totally abnormal it's inhuman impossible welcome that's really bad they're probably people he use that opportunity to get some deceased haifa never thought of that that was the the worst thing i could ever imagine this it's actually the here that connection sunscreen rewritten you know is that good you can but if i put my kid in kindergarten and knew that it swing i would be so mad but i don't know what i do rest bad not dead excuse me perhaps to cracks no you know now i think even less of it to touch a child like that it's one that maybe can't even walk yet that's where i draw the line it gives me goosebumps no i don't think that's good no uh... ifn i'm totally against into computer stocks that's totally geocities such a study unified use my normal everyday mindset for the whole topic i know is stupidity pass the parents with kids they know are children develop i don't have to motivate a child to sexuality in sexual behavior of the gmail conceded clearest that is not only contains data from five thousand three hundred caucasian men and boys although it supposedly out the data from six thousand three hundred mail presents found wallace one of the u_s_a_'s most renowned statisticians and analyze this claim and came to the conclusion that the book only contained four thousand one and twenty percent it's was also missing the exact age structure and sexual orientation of the subjects into the hot dogs are mckinsey claimed to have data representing the u_s_ population of the nineteen forties but a close it looks toward that both sexual behavior of the mail e milieu contained a year from not representative impart very suspicious subcultures approximately eight thousand funded criminals from presence in various you states many of them were in for child molestation the doctor judith rice ma'am suspected six hundred thirty homosexual men lighttpd two hundred so-called sexual psychopaths profound also three hundred twenty-nine criminals sends for other various crimes and also at least three hundred seventeen male children between the ages of two months and fifteen years who were abused sexually although if they suspected more over three hundred fifty students with the odd behavior and last but not least there was a person group of criminals they consistently declared to be the underworld i'm klavel five clearcase of lies and propaganda by cheating statistics when kinsey was repeatedly criticized for this he said that yet alf this perception was based on the all the pinion that criminals were different than the rest of the population consumers as well and i think that's good at all that they practically based principal on some extreme cases i don't think anything of that really that's sick so liberia groups like that clinton average since we aired more than a possible nestle consulting i think a lot of people would be upset if they knew something like that than they would get completely different answers if they knew that they had such as that history are bad life beforehand three but that they limit these interviews to specific groups tests that doesn't mean there is an opinion of the whole at all accounts make myself equal to pedophile that somewhat surprisingly the statistics is that there is no difference that raised the question of whether this concept and worked for prevention now they should have been asked that all well i'd just can't imagine it'll stick because those people are sick and the general population isn't sections that's the problem with the interviews began putting anything into a prison mouth or i don't think a lot of this applied i don't think that's okay that they use their opinions but those tests cannot come to the poor asking those who actually hurt children for other people at that time pick asking them i don't know if it makes sense in the owner effect even fits into the topic i mean there's a sick people they shouldn't be in the public anyway will prevent sickness to to the moon that's for sure what they've been long st thought would see definitely make a stand because that's just not good it's not just my problem it's our problem there are children there the next generation they're our future in any case you have to do something about it just sitting around at home watching tv sania they'll take care of itself it will not stay clear of itself you have to react quickly do something about it so it doesn't come to that that's my opinion declined i suppose for bedded whoever touches a child like that should legally be punished very highly as fast as possible possibly even settings like but i was on payroll or what not but simply while they just have to be taken out of traffic i think and parents have to stand together and defend themselves that's just not acceptable it's really horrible cannot just take them out of school for wild simple i won't have that more information children and as a nation we have to make sure is something like that doesn't happen and of course that we ourselves have to do something about it and make sure that those people don't touch the children sexually whatever i'd just couldn't let that happen i have a number of miles i would let that happen that's the case and not listen to their opinions on the first place i think it's a seriously bad things i wouldn't allow my kid to do that you just have to be against something like this i mean like this is where we the people have to really stand together and go against something like this especially the parents if they have their kids and schools like that i would take my kid out but the things which are done by them in secret positioning even to speak up when teens is book sex offenders was published in nineteen sixty five he defended the sexual abuse of children who were the words the real pols and was away society views adults who have had sexual contact with young children the gates itself while we study the behavior a father mammals sexual activity between adults an immature animals this current and seems to be normal from about a logical viewpoint did we hear correctly kansas all men merely as a another kind of mammal catherine cpc placed all of us on the same level as babes rabbits dogs and pigs but in typical empirically scientific manner is expected to step further proclaimed all sexual violence as a part of normal mammal behavior the logical conclusion if their parents wouldn't step in sentences says young girls and women would see rain has a nice experience doctor judith ice doctor judith resnick emphasized in her kinsey studies maintains his extreme development of sexual abuse even having impact un-american legislature on for instance redefining rate and listening the sentence kingpin kinsey even made fun of the f_b_i_ when they warned of a rise in sexual offenses in nineteen fifty um... he belittled the disgusting crimes against children and boldly published that the much greater damage was done by the adults hysterics it's difficult to understand why childs should be disturbed at having is jim attorney attached or disturbed that the even more specific sexual contexts except for his cultural conditioning have plates cgs primarily sexual attraction to children should itself clearly thousands of eight hundred eighty eight sexual case studies of boys between the age of five months and post cuba sends as well as hundred forty-seven girls between two and fifteen years old baseline for the test the boys and girls was sixty stimulated or stimulated themselves with pedophilia conservatives measured with a stop was the main of time until reaching orgasm of course kinsey denied having conducted these tests and self but this claim releases him from guilt about as much as someone who doesn't exactly murder but sends a hit man to do the job at bbc documentary from august tenth nineteen ninety eight inspected candies case the report evan older lady merely called esther was very persuasive used on the stylist just a young girl came to my hands hands and i was listening coming friday and grant funding mindset my sexual behavior and was time to stop what and films spawns descended homesick and see mine mine never over it fifty-member well get purged admitted in an interview in nineteen ninety two that begins the team recruited peta feels forgetting scientific data and supposedly normal child sex he stated we ask them meaning of the child molesters to make observations take notes and if possible to measure the time and report back to us weitzman student fri-sun and studies show that's children or mother said over the course of months in years whether tormentors past the records onto ciencias scientific data kinsey supposedly received the most state of the sexual behavior of children from mister green a serial rapist from his experience also stands the six types of orgasms of infants and young boys kinsey is reported to have had connections to all kinds of pedophilia organizations as well as to child molesting teachers pedophilia fathers and mothers inside and outside the u_s_a_ do you have any more details about that alyeska from nineteen thirty six until nineteen fifty six kinsey has proven to have had periodic mail correspondence with quickly spun palace like pedophilia etc religion teacher of the evangelical church and the london book germany diesel stands now in nineteen fifty seven he stayed before court in berlin for charges of child abuse in numerous counts one of them being his eleven-year-old daughter as well as the possible murder of a ten-year-old girl the f_b_i_ contacted interpol once they found out that some balance i can send detailed data after sexual encounters with girls and boys between the ages of nineteen fourteen kinsley over the course twenty years mckinsey refused to hand over the sex terry them under the pretense that he didn't want to harm the good name of the pedophilia criminals but the when the chief justice made accusation that fund balance etc abuse children in order to impress kinsey p retorted kenzie fascinating subdued himself the german paper depending on one's must wrote on may sixteenth nineteen fifty-seven on page three kinsey should have pressed charges against balancing almost all today sex education programs based themselves directly or indirectly intensive it's time for society to finally say goodbye to kinsey and his criminal foundation research and turned towards the abuse victims instead of the perpetrators driven by their parents things fritz mondale fritz seeking seaside as an arm of child sex was melting nothing other than the sexual torture of children if they had a passionate and perverted interest in the ability to talk oregon isn't right especially in underage persons meaning peep you besant or is it without a jacket lation and as a result of two different slants research estate ring documentary called the children table thirty four was created revealing the most gruesome details for the safety of the child victims of that infants table thirty for genomic table thirty for a list compiled in closest corporations mister green with the b_b_c_ teen revealed as the rex king a serial rapist that sexually abuse more than eight hundred boys and girls kinsley list that the or it doesn't have a litany of no less than three hundred sent email infants entitled thirty two percent of children pages to to twelve months so at least about stood sentry for unit infants are supposed to have climaxed so states using and the more incredible kinsley complained in the same breath that there were scores of preamp adult listened peep you listen still drum who did not climax even under persistent different and repeated stimulation so i think you'd such results can only be retained by a massive human rights violation in the form of sexual assault but this was only the beginning keynesian his observers mean per child molesters when the look out for multiple orgasms this is how we find children between the ages of five months and fourteen years whole world served over a period of twenty four hours this way eleven-month old infants before staff no less than fourteen orgasms in thirty eight minutes between your old timers chess seven organisms in nine minutes the phase of this perverse child torture and even in the name of foundational research one camp only holds their eyes and he is closed and finally call for justice org why with these perpetrators never punishment that is most criminal pedophilia decent eat opulent flick these are the works and the fruit of the fathers of almost six as you can use to precisely at this time want to force a worldwide early sexual position of our children and youth plummeted who stay following the footsteps of pedophilia con men of the highest degree about and every tree becomes like it seems that the and therefore early sexual is a simple get out of hand worldwide if it is not slow down and stopped in often ality if we don't succeed in making every early sexual ization effort and mandatory sex education in the butt one than the latter will be worse than the former p jesus but whoever thinks that this dark prognosis is exaggerated ten must realize atkins a and his co-workers and weren't in the least content with the results as is therefore stating e it is certain that a higher proportion of the boys try to have had multiple artisans if this situation and offers after forcing a four year olds and a thirteen-year-old stick on next twenty six times the game twenty-four powers pickens the report states dissatisfied the evening ferries just minutes has shown has five months campaigns capable such repainted parisi actions mark minds have been possible came the same period of time and another natural scientific study proved a long time ago an exaggerated sexuality sooner or later leads to dangerous softening of the brain and nerve damage doctor hersh what may happen in a not yet fully developed by the or in the soul of the child that is abused in such a dramatic way useful on my mind knows of a more recent scientific publication by professor doctor renshon it of the pediatrics psychiatry clinic at the phillips university marburg germany which was in the germ medical journal on paper twenty nine two thousand eleven t professor renshon it's notes that already genocide tickle and psychological abuse lebanon sexual molestation during childhood years of hallways i repeat always these traces behind itself and the child's brain this is an only seen in examinations of pertinent memory content and persons who were sexually abused but also in the brain structure and function of the victims people who experienced physical and sexual abuse during their childhood are also more prone to be affected by psychological breakdowns later in life has further emotional psychic or strain an energy sexualized cease child it is only of greatest importance to know what the child molesters documented during the let's say thirty six other chasing a tense so we don't have to call a grave they recorded it in kings is less of six or a dozen times wendy of which our only side of the few excerpts typically ol type three extreme tension with violent compulsion often involving that having and sturgeon off the whole body the legs often become bridges muscles of a dorman contacted on hard shoulders and neck stiff and often bend forward that uh... breath held and gasping eyes staring her tightly closed that for hands grasping mouth distorted sometimes with time protruding the whole body or parts of it specimen nichole twitching sometimes those synchronously with france of violence jerking still more violence call volusion ds of the whole body sweetie heavy breathing groaning sunbeam or more violent crimes sometimes with an abundance of tears especially among young children tiny five culminating in extreme trembling collapse loss of color and sometimes fanning the subject type six like pained or frightened at approach a for a dozen one some mails suffer excruciating pain and ice cream if movement is continued or the penis is even touched but whose sole sell-off and one of these little ones which believes in me they were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he went around in the depth of the sea it was calls your child torture and this is exactly what it was come to a worldwide if we made a very sexual as asian house native flowers it is still a criminal offence and it needs to stay that way it doesn't become time art i can't picture it those people are sick queen really all have to stand up against this so something happens so any sexual is asian can't get a foothold worldwide and i don't think of a city something but they shouldn't even asking i can't even video pictures something like this would happen to my kid that i would know what to do that if i just imagine it's not a case all retired almost like i said people like that belong behind bars immediately close mental institutions that said so well i can picture it d_c_ those people are sick show it's horrible that's something like this he makes this but they are have to say pigs discovered some criticizing him for at least sexually king guinness and press on tries being misused to reach search purposes thank nvm we need new laws to bring an end to this is disgusting correct this it's etc etc and i think it's a terrible i can hardly imagine my daughter and son being touched her handled by someone like that and doesn't infant no way process it's shocking tax cut x and then you know what to say again process not a normal conditional use the same enthusiasm to work on tightening laws after finding out what he did instead he misused his research duty they should all go to prison and be shocked seriously justin's relief that punishment ourselves lifetime sentences so they can do that anymore it's because if they do it once they think they'll do it again this may sound harsh but i have no sympathy for them whatsoever stand along likely for ever if such criminal child molestation is not to spread to worldwide abuse epidemic there's only one way to help clarifying opposition but not by making our children point com potential but by radical federal protection against every thirty sexual as they should attend when the snow and that at all of this filth was already systematically filtered into the nation's as modern sex education in nineteen thirty of course can say never depicted the results of his research has the perverted experiments of the self professing pedophile instead he sold it as the first scientific proof that children were sexually needy from birth but im its second part time right now that these colonel and spare fruits in the world wide call for the right of children to say clearance the kidnap passed on to anyone discovering sex education it to at least with school as we speak foundations are being laid in laws put into effect of various levels that's making every refusal of the public story and comprehensive sex education in school and felony the coercion of the sex ed program is already formulate in such a way benotti in freedom of religion will be accepted as an exemption no one's argument counts neither ethically immoral objections from parents know the refusal participates by uninterested children what's kind of spirit is in charge here had these laws have already come into effect in two thousand embarrassing journey were already thrown in prison for forty days and face two thousand euros fines for refusing to send their children to sex ed pony that people can stance saying no dyslexic terrain overly dictatorial force we say no to mandatory sex ed we say no to mandatory sex ed pendleton comprehensive sex ed in schools this list nationwide program h_i_v_ sexual transmitted diseases of that be a gene one centura comprehensive sexual education is the foundational thesis could be a jazz and bheji though the foundation for a lawful mandatory sex education for a swiss citizens it there'd be a gene in switzerland calls for comprehensive thirty six dollars a share in the name of epidemic prevention basel still allies working towards as a transition for left on twenty one instituting a very sexual isolation and the name of child protection and mother counseling they're pushing her decentralization in info brochures theo under strict adult mandatory sex education is almost legal a past that cannot be refused with the argument of religious freedom surpassed or even criticized but before all of these laws are finally passed we need to ask ourselves ten importance questions why does the media not precise changes human rights violating statements about sexual abuse in the same kinds of late usually does even the most harmless et cetera finch financial politicians were all the six experts was giving up influential enough why does the media support teens is child abuse ultimately making themselves guilty by association pro-law for the torture often numeral toddlers and children over the course of years why after doctor judith rice memory get the facts was there no public examination of kansas data why did the germ federal center for health education still published in the state is completely non critical anna represented brochure and this knowing of rice men's work why did the two thousand five award-winning hollywood movie kinsey let's talk about sex make it into german theaters which institute presented the award what was the rating why did this will not pass on the previously revealed genuine truth about to say instead against better judgment but ratings is the man who funny brought the western world sexual freedom is the same incredible true that even leading educational directors the most influential politicians and a great portion of the media starting with hollywood are in the same bed has a six criminals good all the aforementioned person circles with stan thorough investigation for pedophilia cats his visit privately organized infiltration of our national representatives apply netzer convention of democratic order is is all coming from the central government the possibility cannot speak screenings freedom in the ukraine their constant seminars and conferences being organized for teaching personality schools they're being financed by private investors for exactly especially from sweden these are being held in public or even in schools but in the rented rooms in hotels buying as they have propertly column external specialists later on these studies are systematically taking into account to prove how important and centuries for children to have sexual experiences as early as possible as speaker for the offer jokes church made a statement their advancing systematically in order to infer that they can destroy a nation if you look a little closer he's seen that the drive behind is a number of gay and lesbian organizations and the like in switzerland it's among others light thirteen crusts prepare felt friendly cousteau and their cameras in the strikes also the list and organization switzerland became unification is as law as so it's a fun on pedophiles working underground and the positional thesis they call for the radical furthering of what they call the social liberation such as follows effect and social monitors mail in female are to be removed sexual orientation apartment terms are to be relays of hallmarks for instance relationships worth more than two participants family will not be based on biological relation abides by the social network without north for example a challenge should also be allowed to have for parents whatever investigates keynesian his time more closely will realize and that uh... they have goals line the renaissance and return of the hebron rituals in heterosexual and homosexual restitution and pornography among adults among children and among each other than march more was the one thing you can do when will we really take these people out of traffic with the internet it's not is really easy to persuade to people tents all the stuff that's positive i think it's downright prati but they don't follow up on that more rigorously it's an easy thing to close at like these web sites the words of on these i would go on the streets and collect signatures indian interviews in just do something about it i wouldn't want that from my child yeah i think they have to do something about there's a really on the panel when it sorry estimates for the sexual advertising should be banned as well liked smoking absolute doctors i would stand up and make sure but people know justice what's going on he's a little more sanity such a stupidity coming from the u_s_a_ it's uh... not always good you see what happens and business for example and we really have to watch out for the kids estate it doesn't do much about that they say ok have kids that they don't get help at all you know they think it's okay mail westminster in that you have to watch out more for the child molesters and such itself the people should watch out to has a dead i'm already worried that if i send my kids to kindergarten something will happen to him i have to make sure that what's kind of people even workfare what kind of people there are the statements so watch out for that as well me healthy come sense that parents have to watch out for the kids i don't need any studies for that i don't need anything well first off we need enlightened people i don't think anyone knows about this for instance showing it in the news or maybe making a documentary not and kids wendell society finally say goodbye to keynesian as human rights violating researched and turned towards the abuse victims these were a few short insights into the life of the main topics here of a quickly nearing mandatory sexual education i want to thank my studio guests for their cooperation and you dear viewers for watching and your future help resistance is mandatory for those who love to have insufficient mankind

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