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Friday, September 1, 2017

Real situation in Estonia!

How much do people outside of Estonia,  hear abot Estonia? And what do they hear about it? How much of it is actually true? Here’s a bit of truth about the real situation in Estonia.

On the first of september Markus Järvi commented on our own Estonian bureaucratic elite, who is becoming more & more alienated from everyday elemental sense of history and from the mentality that our forefathers carried to battles. Our forefathers who risked their lives in war to preserve us our independence.

Recently, Toomas Haug, a leading literary scientist, drew attention to the important fact that three out of six Estonian flags flying next to the War of Independence memorial have been replaced by European Union flags. For example, if a similar mix of flags would, illuminate the superministry - a corrupted sculpture in the heart of Tallinn, erected on a traitless and gray bureaucracy - we could almost overlook it and write it down as a desperate and relentless endearing on the EU address.

However, the current swap of the flags has been carried out at a monument that has been  dedicated  to the victory of the Estonian War of Independence, and in particular the fallen people. However, the War of Independence took place precisely because of Estonia's sovereignty and independence in order to escape from the two possible unions that threatened it - on the one hand, the Soviet Union and, above all, Communist Russia, and on the other, the Landesverhir's aspirations to continue with the German supremacy in the Baltic States, and thus increasingly connect us with the German homeland

 During the War of Independence, the men who fought and died could have never even dreamed about the European Union we see today, an overly libertarian, increasingly bureaucratic and undemocratic, and now burdened by islam.  

Their purpose was the Republic of Estonia: the right to peacefully harvest the field in their own country, speak their own language and develop their culture. It’s not asking for much, is it?  
But nowadays such modest wishes can be classified as dangerous, labeled as: right-wing extremism, inhuman dystopia or, at best, „romanticism of the blue cornflower leaves“ (Estonian national flower) [hatefully stated by Helen Sildna, who was involved with a big failiure regarding a recent project for a new brand for Estonia.] Here’s the masterpiece by the way

The question remains as to who is responsible for swapping the flags and how will this action be reasoned? One is for sure. Our bureaucratic squadron is alienated from everyday elemental sense of history and roots.
Interestingly enough, even an all-powerful European Union has not been able to shake off  the house-slave mentality of our leading politicians.

 The Estonian house-slave politician will stand guard off the old habit, next to the parish governor and await the merciful arrangements of the lord. If possible, he will earn extra acceptance points from the lord, by whiping its own people.   These three EU flags that are being displayed here at the monument of the Estonian War of Independence, are the loudest and clearest examples of this extravagant servility and slave-mentality.

Estonian prime minister Jüri Ratas on the left.  President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the right

If you can see, how the European Union has become a mere farce, which is not there to support the national countries and their people. But instead is becoming a serious threat to peace and freedom loving people in it. Then the least you can really do, is share this message and spread the awareness.

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